Estonian students deem Microsoft, Apollo Group, Transferwise most attractive employers

  • 2020-09-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Microsoft Estonia OU, Apollo Group and Transferwise are deemed most attractive employers by Estonian students in 2020, results of a survey into students' expectations for their future work and employer reputation carried out by employer branding consultancy agency Instar show.

Results of the study carried out among students of higher education institutions in 2020 show that 54 percent of students would like to work in Microsoft. The first preference of 60 percent of respondents with work experience is the Estonian branch of the fintech company Transferwise. Among students of Estonian vocational schools 51 percent deem the entertainment company Apollo Group OU most attractive employer.

The survey into Estonian students' employer preferences has been carried out since 2010 and during these 11 years, Microsoft has made it into the top ten of most attractive employers on repeated occasions and has seen its popularity increase year after year. Apollo Group was deemed the most attractive employer by vocational school students for the second consecutive year

The survey conducted by Instar across Estonia in higher and vocational education institutions and among experienced workers into work expectations and employers' reputation in April and May included 6,100 respondents.  

"Respondents assessed the attractiveness of 230 Estonian organizations and year by year, the attractiveness of employers in the IT sector has been growing among all students regardless of their field of study," CEO of Instar Kersti Vannas said.

Estonian students' net wage expectations have grown 1.8 times over the past 11 years. In 2019, the average net salary of working students was 998 euros per month, rising to 1,062 euros in 2020. Students' net salary expectation in the meantime only rose by two euros from 1,761 euros in 2019 to 1,763 euros in 2020.

Respondents' interest in engaging in entrepreneurship has decreased in 2020. 21 percent of them said they would like to be self-employed, 56 percent would like to be employed in the private sector and 22 percent in the public sector. 1 percent of the respondents said they would like to find employment in the third sector. 

The coronavirus crisis has reduced respondents' confidence with regard to finding employment as 39 percent of young people are not certain they will find a job meeting their expectations after graduation. The respondents would most like to find a suitable job in Estonia; however 40 percent are also very interested in finding employment abroad in their field of study.

Participants in the study included over 6,100 employees with experience and vocational education, bachelor's, master's and doctoral level students of economics, IT, construction, liberal arts, engineering, logistics and other fields. 

Instar is an employer branding consultancy agency, which has carried out surveys into employer reputation and has provided employer branding services in the Baltics and Finland since 2007.