Estonian president to Irish counterpart: Reform of UN Security Council is necessary

  • 2023-10-06
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian President Alar Karis, who met Ireland's President Michael Higgins on the sidelines of the Arraiolos Group meeting in Portugal, emphasized the need for a reform of the UN Security Council.

"We need to convince the other UN member states of the necessity of reform, because that's the only way we can change the situation where the aggressor state Russia dictates decision-making," Karis said according to spokespeople.

"As members of the European Union, we share common values ​​and continue to support Ukraine," the Estonian president said after the meeting. "We must continue to do all we can to help Ukraine win this war."

In addition to the immediate need for military and humanitarian aid, Karis highlighted the reconstruction of Ukraine, which has already begun. In the framework of the reconstruction of Ukraine, the Malyn bridge in the Zhytomyr region has been reconstructed with Estonia's aid and a kindergarten in Ovruch was completed in June, likewise with Estonia's support.

Furthermore, Karis spoke about the inclusion of Ukrainian war refugees in the labor market.

"As long as the war continues, they cannot return to their homeland, but they can work in the countries that offer them asylum. When the war ends, however, they will be needed in Ukraine to rebuild their country," he said.

The Estonian head of state also spoke with his Irish counterpart about intensifying bilateral cooperation. They touched on issues related to climate change. Karis drew attention to Estonia's initiative to declare Sept. 20 the UN International World Cleanup Day. The meeting also discussed the importance of the languages and cultures of small nations and the need to protect and preserve them.