Estonian president on Slava Ukraini scandal: Very difficult to tell in this phase

  • 2023-05-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Asked to comment on the allegations relating to the NGO Slava Ukraini on Friday, Estonian President Alar Karis said that it is very difficult to offer any judgements at this stage, Tartu Postimees reported.

When asked whether, in the light of the revelations of recent weeks, the president will take away the Order of the White Star, 4th Class, from former Slava Ukraini leader Johanna-Maria Lehtme, Karis replied that if the allegations concerning the misuse of money donated for Ukraine turn out to be true, then yes.

"We live in a country of rule of law, and if it turns out to be true that a criminal offense has been committed, then sure. I rather expect that the decoration will be returned by the holder, and that I won't have to go and ask for it. But at this stage, with the criminal proceedings going on, it's very difficult to judge anything," he said.