Estonian president, vice president of Seychelles discuss Russia's war in Ukraine

  • 2023-09-08
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian President Alar Karis met on Thursday with Vice President of Seychelles Ahmed Afif, with whom he discussed Russia's war in Ukraine.

"Russia's brutality in Ukraine is brutality against the entire rules-based world order, against which the support of the global community of nations must be mobilized to hold Russia accountable," Karis said at the meeting.

The Estonian head of state expressed appreciation that Seychelles has voted in favor of all six resolutions on Ukraine at the UN and has been very pro-Western in the votes.

"By acting together, small countries can change the world for the better," the president said.

At the meeting, Karis and Afif talked about the responsibility of countries in curbing climate change, which, unfortunately, not all countries perceive the same way.

"The small island country of Seychelles is an example of how everything is being done to control climate change, but the harmful effects of global climate warming are reaching it anyway," the Estonian head of state said.

Karis asked the country to support Estonia's initiative to declare World Cleanup Day an official international day observed by the UN.

"Since environmental problems affect our global partners the most, declaring World Cleanup Day as a UN day shows that the international community cares about their problems and challenges," Karis said.

It was also recognized that digital development is at the center of the interests of both countries and creates a good basis for further cooperation.