Estonian police helping Latvian colleagues at Positivus festival

  • 2018-07-22
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian police personnel are helping their Latvian colleagues look after public order at the Positivus music festival taking place in northern Latvia not far from the Estonian border from Friday to Sunday.

"Those who come to listen to good music at Positivus Festival in Latvia today or over the weekend, don't be surprised to see Estonian uniformed personnel here," the West prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board said on social media Friday.

"Since thousands of Estonians attend the festival every year, officers from Parnu have gone to Salatsi to help their Latvian colleagues and Estonian patrons of the festival get over the language barrier or whatever other problem," the post reads.

The social media post also urged Estonian patrons of the festival not to be afraid and seek help from Estonian police should they experience a problem.

The opening day of the Positivus festival on Friday passed without any serious incidents or injuries, Latvian police said. Latvia's emergency services noted that the first day of the festival passed without any serious incidents, with minor foot injuries sustained by three festivalgoers as the only injuries registered.