Estonian PM at meeting with French formin: Estonia continuing to support Ukraine

  • 2022-10-25
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas assured French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna, who is visiting Estonia, that Estonia is continuing to support Ukraine in order for them to win the war.

Kallas and Colonna discussed support for Ukraine and defense cooperation between Estonia and France, government spokespeople said. According to Kallas, Estonia is continuing to support Ukraine.

The prime minister said that the role of France both in providing aid to Ukraine and in raising the price of aggression for Russia has been extremely important.

"France's aid to Ukraine, including the provision of heavy weaponry, has been significant and contributed to Ukrainian success on the battlefield. We share the understanding with France that the priority is to continue supporting Ukraine as long as necessary," Kallas said. "Ukraine must win this war and Russia must retreat to within its borders -- this is the path to peace."

According to Kallas, we can clearly see how Russia is using all kinds of techniques, be it attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine, threats of a nuclear catastrophe or a "dirty bomb" propaganda campaign to scare us and break unity.

"Russia wants to make us hesitate, paralyze our decision-making ability and support for Ukraine. It is all the more important that we do not take a single step back," Kallas said. 

The use of Russia's frozen assets and the issue of impunity were also discussed at the meeting. Kallas said that the European Union could be the leader in creating a tribunal investigating crimes of aggression.

Kallas also spoke with Colonna about the implementation of what was agreed at the NATO summit in Madrid and about defense cooperation with France more broadly.

"There has never been a greater presence of allies in Estonia than now. NATO takes the defense of its territory seriously. We are grateful for the fact that French soldiers are in Tapa and French aircraft have protected our skies from Amari," the prime minister said.

Kallas also highlighted the good military cooperation with France in Africa.

"Our soldiers served together in Mali. Cooperation with the French to ensure security outside Europe will certainly continue in the future," she added.