Estonian PM asks state secretary to carry out investigation re Ministry of Rural Affairs

  • 2019-11-13
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas has asked the state secretary to carry out an investigation regarding the events that took place at the Ministry of Rural Affairs, until then, Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Jarvik will remain in his position, the online edition of the daily Postimees reported on Tuesday.

"Let us wait for the investigation, it will take a week or 10 days and then the final solution will come," Ratas told reporters on Tuesday evening. "There is no solution to this complex situation today," he added.

"Of course, the situation is still difficult, trust between government members is vital and important," the prime minister said.

"I told coalition partners that this issue requires a very clear solution and that I am giving the state secretary the task of clarifying the circumstances concerning both Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Jarvik and his adviser when it comes to the agricultural registers and information board PRIA and the Veterinary and Food Board. It is necessary to look at the granting of authorization, the conflict of interests, when it comes to the listeria bacterium, it is necessary to determine what the minister's messages have been -- whether he has told the truth or lied," Ratas said.

Leaders of coalition parties gathered on Tuesday evening to discuss the scandals that have developed around Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Jarvik.