Estonian parlt's foreign affairs panel adopts statement in support of unity of EU, NATO

  • 2020-04-02
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The foreign affairs committee of the parliament of Estonia on Thursday adopted a statement in support of the unity of the European Union and NATO and solidarity between the member states. 

Unity of the European Union and NATO helps to overcome the crisis more easily, the standing committee said.

Observing that the situation that has arisen represents one of the biggest challenges for the European Union and the member states in the union's history, the committee welcomed the EU and its institutions having perceived the depth of the crisis in recent weeks and increased their activeness and resolve in combating the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus and its consequences. 

The committee said it considers right and supports the common efforts of the European Union in the fields of public health, scientific research, the economy and other fields critical in relation to  this crisis.

The committee welcomed North Macedonia as a new member state of NATO and stressed the importance of the open doors policy in ensuring the vitality of both the EU and NATO.

The statement says that, for Estonia, membership of the EU and NATO are indispensable both when it comes to security and economic development. Protecting the realm of values of the Western world must be a priority for the allies today. Protecting dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the principle of rule of law and human rights is extremely important. The European Union must together stand up against all attempts to use the state of emergency for restricting the freedoms and rights of one's citizens.

The statement also says that since its accession of the EU and NATO, Estonia has been a trustworthy and constructive member state and cooperation partner, and we wish to be such also in the future. The present challenge is difficult for all our partners and allies, however, by relying on strong transatlantic relations difficulties can be overcome faster by means of common effort and coordinated cooperation. 

Before adopting the statement, the foreign affairs committee also heard a report by Estonian Ambassador Tiina Intelmann on the emergency situation measures in the UK, a report by Estonian Permanent Representative to the UN Sven Jurgenson on the activity of Estonia as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, and a report by Estonian Ambassador Kristi Karelsohn about the situation in Hungary.