Estonian parlt committee sends statement on Russian war crimes to plenary

  • 2022-04-20
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The foreign affairs committee at its Tuesday's sitting decided to submit to the plenary of the Riigikogu a draft statement on Russian war crimes and genocide in Ukraine, submitted by 84 MPs, with an amended wording.

Marko Mihkelson, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee, said that the actions of the armed forces and the military and political leadership of Russia in the military aggression against Ukraine require a clear assessment as genocide.

"The systematic and massive crimes committed against the Ukrainian people must be investigated in international cooperation and the perpetrators brought to justice. To put pressure on Russia, sanctions need to be further tightened and Ukraine needs to be given aid more extensively than so far," Mihkelson said.

According to the draft statement, the Riigikogu deems the actions of the Russian armed forces and the military and political leadership as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people, and calls on the parliaments of other countries and international organizations to do the same. It also calls for support for the investigation of Russian crimes, the prosecution of the perpetrators and the establishment of an international tribunal for this in cooperation between countries.

The parliament also calls on countries around the world to immediately tighten sanctions against Russia, including, without exception, suspending trade in energy sources with Russia, and to increase military and critical humanitarian aid to Ukraine. According to the draft, the Riigikogu pays tribute to the people of Ukraine in its struggle for freedom, commemorates the fallen and mourns the victims.

The draft statement of the Riigikogu on war crimes and genocide by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, submitted by 84 MPs, will be put before the plenary of the Riigikogu in the amended form at an additional sitting on Thursday, which will begin 30 minutes after the end of the regular sitting. The draft will be handled in a single reading.