Estonian Jewish Community: We fully support Israel's war on terror

  • 2023-10-09
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – In the wake of the unprecedented and brutal terrorist attack on Israel, the Estonian Jewish Community on Monday expressed its full support for the Jewish state in the war on terror.

"We categorically condemn the deadly attack by the terrorist organization Hamas. We are convinced that any country or organization that directly or indirectly supports Hamas' terrorist activities must be held accountable for supporting terrorism," said Alla Jakobson, the chairwoman of the Jewish community organization.

She said that, unfortunately, this is not the first terrorist attack on Israel.

"Once again, the attack took place during the great Jewish holiday of Simhat Torah, or the joy of the Torah. Enemies of the Jewish people used this day to sow death and violence. The state of Israel undoubtedly has the indisputable right to punish terrorists and their supporters, and the strength and capacity to win this fight," Jakobson said.

"On behalf of all Estonian Jews, we express our condolences to the relatives and loved ones of the victims and share their grief. We pray for peace in the land of Israel, the historical homeland of the Jewish people," she added.