Estonian IT specialists are the best paid in the Baltic States

  • 2022-06-08

According to data from the world’s leading remote employee hiring platform Deel, at the start of the year, the average monthly salary for IT specialists from Latvia employed by foreign companies was USD 3,618 or approximately EUR 3293, whereas Lithuanians received USD 3,891 and Estonians 10% more, or USD 4,038.

The startup Deel has concluded that Baltic IT specialists are in demand in various markets. Companies in the USA, United Kingdom and Malta are among the top employers of Baltic IT specialists. Along with businesses in the aforementioned countries, IT specialists from Latvia are also employed by companies in Ireland and Germany, while Lithuanians are employed in Denmark and the Netherlands, and Estonians in Canada and Germany. 

Similarly Baltic IT companies have actively taken advantage of remote employment capabilities, hiring software developers from foreign countries. Latvian companies most commonly employ IT specialists in Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and until recently Russia. Meanwhile, Estonian IT companies have hired specialists in Turkey, the United Kingdom, India, Spain and the Philippines, while Lithuanian companies most frequently employ foreign professionals in Brazil, Poland, Spain, Italy and Latvia. 

“Remote employee hiring is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, because there is intense competition and demand for professionals, and companies frequently encounter difficulties finding qualified employees in their domestic markets. This is confirmed by our data – compared with the previous year, the demand for employees from foreign countries has grown by 200%, and the greatest demand has been for IT specialists,” explains Liina Laas, Head of Expansion CEE at Deel.

According to the Deel Global Hiring Report for 2021, the most sought after IT specialists globally are software developers, account executives, quality assurance engineers, product designers and consultants. According to Deel data, the TOP countries where companies employ IT specialists remotely, and where demand for this continues to grow are Israel, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. In turn, in the past year the countries where the salaries of IT specialists have grown fastest are Mexico (57%), Canada (38%), Pakistan (27%), and Argentina (21%). 

Likewise Deel’s observations indicate that month after month, there is a growing desire among employees to receive their salaries in cryptocurrencies. Specialists in Argentina Brazil and Nigeria are increasingly receiving part of their pay in cryptocurrencies. 

The conclusions of Deel’s Global Hiring Report are based on data from over 100,000 employment contracts in over 150 countries, where Deel offers its remote employment services. This data has been collated for the period from June to December 2021.

About Deel

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