Estonian IT company opened its digital learning platform in the form of Digital Public Goods to Ukrainian students and teachers

  • 2022-03-18

Earlier in March, leading Estonian IT company Net Group announced that due to Russian aggression against Ukraine, the company is opening its digital learning platform Schoolaby to all students and teachers in and from Ukraine. This allows Ukrainian pupils and teachers, forced to flee from their region or even homeland, to continue school work regardless of their current location. Step-by-step and with help from professional Ukrainian teachers, STEM courses are made available on the platform and accessible to students in Ukraine, but also in Poland, Baltic states and other countries hosting Ukrainian war refugees.

According to the founder and CEO of Net Group Priit Kongo, the decision to open Schoolaby-s platform to Ukrainian teachers and pupils was taken to support the Ukrainian education system during the ongoing warfare. “We first started developing Schoolaby during the first wave of COVID back in spring 2020 as the education system was under severe pressure. Considering the situation in Ukraine, we see that this is our duty and responsibility to now provide our platform for Ukrainians so that teachers can carry on their important work. Using our platform, Ukrainian pupils can continue their schoolwork whether they are currently in Ukraine, Poland or elsewhere,” said Kongo. Net Group’s CEO added that the continuation of studies is also important to support the mental health of children and youngsters who have been forced to flee from the warfare.

The coordination, translation and digitalization of school programs is indeed an ambitious undertaking, so the process is carried out step-by-step. First, Schoolaby has already been able to provide math courses in Ukrainian for pupils attending the final class of high school. “The online course was put together by an attested Ukrainian senior math teacher Svitlana Mishchenko and several volunteers. They will also provide support to the students via Schoolaby-s platform and later evaluate the progress of the students,” explained Jaak Laanpere, the Chief Product Owner of Schoolaby.

First and foremost, the system will find use in Ukraine but also other countries hosting refugees from Ukraine. After fulfilment the course, it will be possible to issue a certificate from the Schoolaby confirming the completion of this course and the tests developed by the Ukrainian senior teacher in the online environment.

Schoolaby is a digital learning platform launched in the spring of 2020 by Estonia's leading IT company Net Group. Schoolaby aims to provide a modern and convenient online learning environment for general education students and teachers. On the interactive platform, it is possible to use teaching materials, conduct tests and assess students' learning success on an ongoing basis.

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