Estonian govt to approve readmission agreement with Uzbekistan

  • 2022-11-03
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian government at its sitting on Thursday is to approve an agreement with the government of Uzbekistan on the readmission of people staying without authorization in either country and returning them to their own country.

The agreement will establish an obligation on the two states to readmit their citizens who do not meet the requirements for entering, staying or residing in the other country.

The obligation also applies to former citizens of either country who have entered the other country and either lost or given up their citizenship and have not received the citizenship of any other country.

The readmission obligation also includes the citizens of third countries and stateless persons to whom the contracting state has issued a visa or residence permit or who have entered the territory of the contracting state illegally directly from the other contract party's territory. The latter is applied to direct flights, which are at present not operated between Uzbekistan and Estonia.