Estonian experts start work on EU's Partnership Mission in Moldova

  • 2023-08-08
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Two Estonian experts are set to begin their roles as strategic advisors on the European Union's Partnership Mission in Moldova (EUPM), which primarily focuses on offering strategic-level advice and operational support to reinforce Moldova's internal security.

Before his deployment, Jaanus Teearu served as an advisor in the State Chancellery. He possesses prior experience working on a civilian mission from his time with the EUPOL mission in Afghanistan. Teearu also has experience from the 2010 floods in Moldova, where he led the Baltic countries' joint rescue team, "BaltFloodCombat."

Tarmo Terep, before his deployment, held the position of chair of the crisis management and fire safety department at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences' Rescue College. He has managed international missions for the Rescue Board and participated in a humanitarian mission in Russia in 2010.

Teearu and Terep said that the security situation in Europe is the tensest it has been since World War II. They highlighted that Russia's actions are not limited to Ukraine; the country is prepared to deploy hybrid warfare tactics at any moment to weaken and divide Europe, using tools like energy, influence operations, cyber-attacks, and more. Building crisis readiness is first and foremost a task for every nation and society. Still, facing serious threats requires collaborative action among like-minded countries. Estonia can support Moldova by enhancing the competences required for internal security.

Estonia deploys its experts to international civilian missions to assist in preventing and managing international conflicts. Estonian professionals participate in EU civilian missions in countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Somalia, and also in a UN mission in Kosovo. Currently, a total of eight Estonian experts are working on international civilian missions. The coordination of these civilian missions falls under the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.