Estonian EconMin proposes building EUR 20 mln film studio in East-Viru County

  • 2020-02-17
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in its overview of options for developing entrepreneurship in East-Viru County recommends building a film studio for the Viru Film Fund for an estimated 20 million euros.

The film studio, which was highlighted by the East-Viru Enterprise Center (IVEK), coordinator of the Viru Film Fund, as one of the region's development needs for the 2020-2025 period, would help attract filmmakers in the area and create a market for service providers, according to the ministry. The area of the studio should total at least 10,000 square meters, the cost of the construction at 20 million euros would be supplemented with operation expenditure, such as marketing and administrative expenses.

Post-production facilities are a sought-after service in the film industry, and there is active interest in it in Estonia as well, which is why IVEK is planning to contribute to developing the field, which could also provide employment to elderly people with the relevant skills, thus boosting the so-called silver economy. 

Viru Film Fund, established in 2013 by four East-Viru County local governments, is the first regional film fund in Estonia. In 2019, the size of the fund increased due to co-financing from the East-Viru County Program. Present regional financiers include the Toila rural municipality, Johvi rural municipality, Alutaguse rural municipality, Luganuse rural municipality, and the City of Kohtla-Jarve. The film fund has supported the creation of 18 audiovisual works.

The main activities of IVEK include providing counselling to private individuals, starting and operating businesses, running and developing the tourism cluster and the Viru Film Fund. Also underway is the creation of an education cluster, while the planning of a culture cluster, too, is in the pipeline. The budget of IVEK without the said two clusters totals 1.5 million euros per year. 

The goal of the overview compiled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is to map out and improve the usage and availability of support measures and financial instruments in East-Viru County.