Estonian defense forces practice warfare against drones

  • 2024-03-26
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - A shooting camp of the Headquarters and Signal Company of the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Estonian defense forces took place at the Nursipalu training grounds on Monday, during which the destruction of drones was also practiced for the first time.

"The focus today is on shooting at an air target, which has become a new important topic in the defense forces as a lesson from the war in Ukraine. The air is quite thick with different targets and each soldier must also be able to influence the targets. That's why we've gathered here to practice it in sections," Capt. Taavi Kivi, commander of the Headquarters and Signal Company, said.

In the defense forces, drones mainly perform observation and reconnaissance tasks. Currently, aircraft-type drones are in use, however, commercial multi-rotor drones are also increasingly coming into use. One of these also flew over Nursipalu on Monday.

"Usually, when we practice that the aerial target is a drone, we do not shoot at the drone itself in order to save resources. We have tied balloons to the drone, which are today's target," Kivi said.

During the shootings, conventional handguns of a section were used, which were able to affect the target within a few hundred meters.

The main task of the Headquarters and Signal Company is to ensure the uninterrupted work and service of the command posts of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, physical security, primary rear support and communications with other headquarters.