Estonian defense chief: NATO, allies sharing common assessment of threat

  • 2022-01-14
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Commander of the Estonian defense forces, Lt. Gen. Martin Herem, took part in a meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Brussels this week, where the alliance's chiefs of defense discussed the global security situation and NATO's deterrence and defense measures.

"I am very pleased to acknowledge that in the present tense security environment, the allies have a shared assessment of the threat and the NATO chiefs of defense are focused on ensuring military readiness by the states individually as well as by the alliance collectively," Herem said. "NATO is strengthening and improving its plans, forces and management structures to be prepared to respond to any threat. It all began earlier already but Russia's increasingly aggressive behavior once again confirms that this is the only way and that strong defense capability is crucial."

Topics discussed at the NATO Military Committee meeting included the development of NATO's new strategic concept, the deterrence and defense concepts of the Euro-Atlantic region and the development of capabilities and procedures of NATO's forces in a digital age. The commanders of the defense forces of Ukraine and Georgia also gave an overview to the committee about the security situation and developments in defense reforms in their states.

The NATO Military Committee is the body of NATO that is composed of member states' chiefs of defense. The Military Committee is responsible for translating political decision and guidance into military direction, and for recommending measures considered necessary for the defense of the NATO area and the implementation of decisions regarding military operations as well as for giving direction to the two Strategic Commanders.