Estonian Chamber of Pharmacists ready for discussion on pharmacy reform

  • 2019-11-04
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian Chamber of Pharmacists is ready for discussions on the future of the pharmacy reform to find the best solution for the conduct of the reform. 

The council of the Chamber of Pharmacists discussed the state of play with regard to the reform at an emergency meeting on Sunday evening.

"A situation where the government parties have again started discussions on the pharmacy reform is causing concern in the Estonian Chamber of Pharmacists," said the chairperson of the board of the Estonian Chamber of Pharmacists, Karin Alamaa-Aas.

"The council of the chamber gathered extraordinarily last evening to discuss, among other things, an appeal by the Estonian Pharmacies' Association on the topic of the pharmacy reform. The chamber did not approve the proposals of the chain pharmacies, but we have always been ready for a discussion on the topic of the future of the field of pharmacies. As we are this time," she said.

The extraordinary meeting of the council of the Estonian Chamber of Pharmacists decided that they are ready to start negotiations with the Estonian Pharmacies' Association on the future of the pharmacy reform in Estonia shortly.

The Estonian Pharmacies' Association earlier said that it has forwarded a compromise proposal to the Estonian Chamber of Pharmacists whereby the current owners of pharmacies who are not pharmacists could continue their business, while the requirement of pharmacist ownership would apply to all new pharmacies to be opened in Estonia.