Estonian businessman Oleg Gross calls on companies to help Ukraine

  • 2022-12-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian business tycoon Oleg Gross, owner of the OG Elektra retail chain, has called on the entrepreneurs of West-Viru County to join a drive in support of Ukraine as part of which power generators, cars, power banks, warm clothes and other necessities will be delivered to that country shortly, Postimees reported. 

About a hundred generators have already been collected as part of the initiative announced by Gross in November, which will be dispatched to Ukraine just before Christmas.

"Although their Christmas is not at the same time as ours, Christmas is in our hearts. It's emotionally important that in the warm room with the Christmas table laid out, we don't forget the war for a moment. That, at very the same time, Ukrainians are fighting and dying for us. It's our duty to help them," said Gross, who has provided assistance worth nearly a million euros to Ukraine using his corporate and personal assets. 

He said that judging by what he has learned from Ukrainians, there are no problems with food on the war front. However, energy is of particular concern.

"While there could be food shortages in some places, in general there is no need to help them with food and there is no hunger. Sending them pasta, as we did at the start, was completely pointless because they have milled products and cereals of their own," Gross said.