Estonian-Dutch veterinary medicine factory PharmaPark, completed with a €50m investment, focuses on exports

  • 2024-05-27

The Estonian-Dutch joint venture PharmaPark inaugurated one of Europe’s largest veterinary medicine factories on May 24 in Tallinn. The investment amounts to €50 million, with majority of production aimed at export markets.

“PharmaPark is the most modern veterinary medicine factory in Europe, and its production capacity clearly exceeds the needs of the Baltic and Nordic countries. Through the export channels of our Dutch partners, we are targeting the global market, offering nearly 200 different veterinary medicine products,” said Veiko Saluste, member of the board of PharmaPark OÜ in a press release.

“PharmaPark’s completion is a significant step for the region's pharmaceutical industry, and the growing market for veterinary medicines allows for the development of a globally significant pharma cluster in Tallinn,” said Sebastiaan Tesink, owner of Alfasan Holding B.V.

Saluste added that Tallinn’s brand-new factory has a competitive advantage due to the European veterinary product market regulation known as Annex 1, which requires the modernization or construction of entirely new factories. “Due to the regulation, some factories in Europe are already closing, improving the market position for modern production facilities,” noted Saluste.

Due to the increasing global demand, PharmaPark plans to offer a wide range of veterinary medicines for pets as well.

The PharmaPark factory is located near Tallinn Airport on Nuia Street, in a building that encompasses 21,000 square meters. The building includes microbiology and analytical chemistry laboratories, production and warehouse spaces, and office areas. PharmaPark currently employs 35 people.

The design of the factory began in 2017, when the new European requirements for the production of sterile dosage forms became clear. The Estonian Agency of Medicines issued a production license to PharmaPark Production OÜ, valid from February 21, 2024. To obtain the necessary Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate for commencing production, the Agency of Medicines has already conducted a technical inspection at the factory. Currently, a documentation review is underway, and the company will start production immediately upon receiving the confirmation.

The various production units of the factory can manufacture and package a wide range of medicinal forms, such as injectable solutions, aseptic suspensions, infusions, water-soluble powders, ointments, eye drops, intramammary products, etc. The factory’s equipment allows for rapid reconfiguration to produce infusions and other products for human use in case of a critical need for large quantities of medicines.

The factory was established by experienced pharmaceutical industrialist Veiko Saluste in collaboration with Dutch business partners. Saluste has previously led the establishment of three veterinary medicine factories in Estonia and one in Lithuania.

60% of PharmaPark OÜ is owned by Alfasan Holding B.V., and 40% by OÜ Eesti Farmaatsia Grupp. The opening was attended by the management teams of Alfasan and PharmaPark’s partner Kepro B.V. Additionally, a delegation of approximately 80 veterinary pharmaceutical specialists from the Netherlands attended the opening.