Estonia to host Open Government Partnership Global Summit in September

  • 2023-02-02
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – On Sept. 6 and 7, Estonia will host the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit, which will bring together heads of state and government, civil society organizations, and policymakers from around the world at the Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn.

The summit will focus on open government in the digital age, the potential of technology to make governance and policymaking more transparent and accountable, and the preservation of democracy, the Estonian government's communication office said.

"We need a strong civil society to overcome unexpected events and obstacles. It is too late to establish dialogue and cooperation when the crisis is already upon us. On the contrary -- doing that in advance is part of the crisis plan. Estonia's transparent e-governance and close cooperation with civil society stands out in the world, and the way we have built our state has given us valuable experience to pass on," Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said.

"Estonia's co-chairing of the Open Government Partnership and the Summit we are hosting is a milestone for transparent and inclusive governance," the premier added.

Taimar Peterkop, head of the Government Office, said Estonia is honored to host the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Tallinn. Estonia's experience in and knowledge of transparent and inclusive governance is valued both domestically and internationally.

"The crises of recent years and the deterioration of the international security situation show that crises are no longer temporary, but have a longer-lasting impact on everyday life. This also presents new challenges for governance. At the summit, we will begin to look for solutions to these challenges," Peterkop said.

Co-chair Anabel Cruz, founder and director of the Communication and Development Institute of Uruguay, described cooperation between civil society and governments as key.

"Lasting solutions can only be born through collaboration. Co-chairing with Estonia will help to meet challenges and support the implementation of open governance principles around the world. The Tallinn Summit will be a good opportunity to share experiences and find solutions," Cruz said. 

The CEO of OGP, Sanjay Pradhan, pointed out that OGP brings together government and civil society reformers to make sure people's voices are heard and their needs met.

"Estonia has been a pioneer in open government, especially when it comes to using digital approaches to improve citizen participation and public services. And, their courageous and consistent support for their neighbors in Ukraine is an inspiration to all those in the open government community who work everyday to advance democratic values," the CEO said.

The summit organized by the Government Office will take place within the framework of the Estonian co-chairmanship of the Open Government Partnership, which Estonia took over in October 2022 from Italy and the Tanzanian Civil Society. The other co-chair is Anabel Cruz, founder and director of the Communication and Development Institute of Uruguay.

The presidency will be guided by the OGP's 2023-2028 strategy, which will be finalized this spring. The strategy responds to current threats to democracy as well as builds upon OGP's successes in key areas such as fighting corruption, protecting human rights and advancing the fair and inclusive use of technology.

Estonia has been a member of the OGP since 2012. The OGP has been joined by 76 countries and 106 local governments.

Delegations from all member states, including heads of state and government, are expected to attend the summit. In total, participants are expected to number around 2,000.