Estonia's challenges in education similar to Latvia

  • 2023-10-27
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian Minister of Education and Research Kristina Kallas said after a meeting with her Latvian counterpart Anda Caksa, who was on a working visit to Estonia in Thursday and Friday, that the country's challenges in education are similar to Latvia and that Estonia is a role model in finding solutions.

"Our political choices, the enthusiasm of teachers and schools, and the attitudes of society have helped to create such an education system, with which we are an example for our southern neighbors from Latvia, but in fact for the whole world. Unlike many other countries, we fully trust our schools and teachers, and what is more important -- they are ready to bear this responsibility," Kallas said.

In Estonia, organizing the school network has been a priority for over 10 years.

"There are state upper-secondary schools in all counties in Estonia today. The support measure for rural schools supports the running of six-grade schools close to home. Organizing the school network will help us to better allocate resources in education in the long run. For example, to raise teachers' wages," the minister added.

On Friday, the ministers visited educational institutions in Tallinn and exchanged experiences on current educational issues, such as the reform of the educational language, raising the compulsory school age, vocational education reform and teacher training.

During the day, they visited the newly opened Pelgulinna State Gymnasium, Tallinn University, which conducts teacher training, and Tallinn Endla kindergarten, which implements Montessori pedagogy.

Together with the Latvian Minister of Education and Science Anda Caksa, Latvian Ambassador Kristine Naseniece, deputy chancellor of the ministry Ilze Saleniece, advisers to the minister, and director of Riga 72nd High School Pavels Pestovs also took part in the visit.