Estonia ahead of Latvia, lagging behind Lithuania in vaccinations

  • 2021-01-25
  • LETA/BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - As on Friday, slightly over 24,000 people in Estonia had been vaccinated with the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, which is more than in Latvia but almost three times less than in Lithuania, the "Aktuaalne kaamera" evening news program of public ETV television reported.

The number of people vaccinated with the first dose in Estonia equals 1.82 percent of the country's population

The number of people vaccinated with the first dose stood at almost 19,000 in Latvia and at close to 67,000 in Lithuania. As recently as two weeks ago, both Latvia and Lithuania lagged behind Estonia in vaccinations.

Finland has managed to administer the first dose to over 90,000 and Sweden to over 146,000 residents, which represent slightly lower ratios compared to the population number than in Estonia.

Of countries of Europe, the highest proportion of the population, 8.6 percent, has been vaccinated with the first dose in the United Kingdom, which started vaccination earlier. 

Also ranking at the top of the table are Malta with 3.7 percent, Denmark with 3.3 percent, Spain with 2.5 percent, and Ireland and Lithuania with 2.5 percent each.

The fastest nations to vaccinate globally are Israel, which has vaccinated close to 40 percent of its population, and the United Arab Emirates, where the ratio stands at close to a quarter of the population. In third place is Seychelles with 13.4 percent, followed by the UK with 8.6 percent,  Bahrain with 8.5 percent and the United States with 5.8 percent.