Estonia: Tartu, Tallinn to introduce smart city solutions at Dubai Expo

  • 2022-01-05
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The cities of Tartu and Tallinn will organize an entrepreneurship seminar entitled "Creating cities of the future with the help of tech-innovation" aimed at smart urban space solutions in the Estonian pavilion of the Dubai Expo on Jan. 10.

During the seminar, a delegation from the city of Tartu, which includes entrepreneurs, representatives of the business sector and Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, will visit the Dubai Expo. The delegation will be led by Mayor Urmas Klaas, the Tartu city government said.

"We would like to introduce the joint ventures of the city and companies at the Dubai Expo and to highlight the exciting solutions created by local entrepreneurs that could also be of interest in foreign markets," Klaas said.

"Cooperation with companies is very important in the introduction of innovative solutions in the urban space and in the daily activities of the city. Our goal is to offer entrepreneurs opportunities to develop and implement their products and services in cooperation with the city," Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm said.

Following the example of the two largest cities in Estonia, the seminar will introduce the best collaborations between cities and companies that create innovation for sustainable development. Auve Tech, Datel, Telia and four Tartu companies -- Mobi Lab, Positium, Bercman Technologies and EyeVi Technologies -- will present their solutions.

The design and software development company Mobi Lab brings, among other things, real-time information on bus routes from the city to mobile phones and greets visitors at the Museum of Natural History through augmented reality technology.

With the help of the company Positium, which analyzes the data obtained during mobile positioning, the entire network of bus routes in Tartu has been reorganized and the locations of the bicycle parking lots of the Tartu Smart Bike system have been selected, which take into account the mobility needs of people. Thanks to Positium, Estonia is the first country in the world to use the mobile positioning method to collect official statistics.

Bercman Technologies develops and sells products and services that enhance road safety. One of their products is smart crosswalks, which are also installed in Tartu. Tartu has Estonia's first 5G smart pedestrian crossing, which can exchange standardized messages with self-driving vehicles. The smart crosswalk increases the safety of pedestrians by directing the driver's attention to the pedestrian on the crosswalk or an approaching pedestrian by means of warning lights.

Offering innovative in-car mapping technology, EyeVi Technologies automatically detects road markings and road surface defects and creates the exact maps needed to drive self-driving cars.

The aim of participating in the World Expo is to help Estonian companies and organizations establish contacts both in the Middle East region and around the world and thereby increase the sales of their products and services. The Expo will be open in Dubai until the end of March 2022.