Estonia, Romania hold strategic dialogue on security

  • 2024-03-07
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The secretaries general of the Estonian Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry, Jonatan Vseviov and Kusti Salm, hosted their colleagues from Romania's Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry in the strategic dialogue format in Tallinn on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The main topics discussed were the defense and security policy of Europe and the alliance, the upcoming NATO Washington summit and Russia's war against Ukraine. As part of the two-day meeting, also security briefings were held and a visit was made to the Tapa military base.

The discussion on defense and security policy focused on reinforcing the eastern border and increasing the real defense capabilities of Europe and NATO.

"Countries on the eastern border of NATO and the European Union share a similar geopolitical reality and perception," Vseviov said. "It is essential for the security policy of the region that these countries boost their cooperation and ties."

Salm said that Russia’s continued war of aggression in Ukraine is prominent in the thoughts and discussions of Europeans from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

"Romania is Estonia's important partner and NATO Ally. I am glad we were able to talk about defense cooperation and share our respective positions ahead of the quickly approaching Washington summit," he said. 

"We are standing at a critical juncture in the war in Ukraine, with Ukraine urgently needing our help in mainly weapons aid as it fights for Europe's freedom and security. It is important for both countries individually and the European Union to quickly make the decisions that help Ukraine win this war," Vseviov said.   

The Estonian officials also emphasized that the NATO summit in Washington must deliver clearer messages and more concrete steps to Ukraine on its path to joining the alliance.

"We cannot get stuck in the Vilnius summit and we must make quick process in Ukraine's accession process," Vseviov said. 

At the Tapa military base, Commander of the Estonian Division Maj. Gen. Veiko-Vello Palm briefed Romanian officials on the capabilities of Estonia and allies in defending the eastern border of NATO and the EU. 

This week's meeting was the first meeting between Estonia and Romania in the strategic dialogue format.

The Romanian delegation was headed by Ana Tinca, state secretary for strategic affairs at the Foreign Ministry, and Maj. Gen.l Mihail Iancu, undersecretary for defense policy at the Defense Ministry. It was the first international visit for Ana Tinca, who recently took office as the state secretary.