Estonia, Latvia finish web app for converting heights, coordinates in border area

  • 2022-12-16
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian Land Board has made available on its website calculators for converting coordinates and heights of border areas in Estonia and Latvia and in the twin border towns of Valga and Valka.

The aim of the database harmonizing height and coordinate values is to provide precise and up-to-date location-based data and services in border areas for public use, which greatly simplifies the development of various cross-border infrastructures and services, such as highways, viaducts and railways.

While the national geodetic systems used in Estonia and Latvia are based on European reference systems, the states are using slightly different primary data and measurements in their geodetic systems, which have produced certain discrepancies in height and coordinate values in the border area.

In the course of a two-year project of the Estonian Land Board and Latvian Geospatial Information Agency, methods were developed based on which joint measurement were were conducted on a 15-40-kilometer-wide area on both sides of the border, coordinate and height values were calculated for geodetic points and harmonization models were created for factoring in the differences in coordinates and heights. As a result of the project, an online calculator for converting heights and coordinates was created.

The harmonization of two states' coordinate and height systems is not a process that is carried out frequently, and the results will be used by several generations. The calculators for the Estonian-Latvian border areas and the twin towns of Valga and Valka are available on the website .

A seminar introducing the results of the project in Estonian, Latvian and English was held in Valga on Dec. 6.