Estonia, Finland to strengthen cooperation in port digitalization

  • 2024-05-16
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian Minister of Economy and IT Tiit Riisalo is visiting Finland on Thursday with a business delegation to meet with the management of the Port of Helsinki and companies to explore opportunities for cooperation in digitalization and the green transition.

"Finland is Estonia's largest trade partner, and a well-functioning transport corridor and logistics network are crucial for both countries' economies. Estonia's maritime sector is rapidly developing and stands out for the digitalization of its services and processes. It is sensible to work together to ensure that ports on both sides of the Gulf of Finland are at the forefront of maritime innovation, benefiting neighbors on both sides by enabling better data flow, easier operational planning and travel, and reducing climate impact," Riisalo said.

The minister is to participate in a roundtable at the embassy with Finnish and Estonian companies, focusing on the digitalization of services and processes and development of transport corridors. Additionally, Riisalo, along with the business delegation, will visit the Port of Helsinki to explore cooperation opportunities with Estonian companies.

On Friday, Kaupo Laanerand, deputy secretary general of the Estonian Climate Ministry, will lead the business delegation on a visit to the Port of Turku and discuss digitalization cooperation with representatives of the maritime cluster and University of Turku.

The business delegation includes Ampron OU, Cone Center OU, Estonian Marine and Manufacturing Initiative, GoSwift Suomi OY, HHLA TK Estonia OU, Net Group OU, Nortal AS, Proekspert AS, Tallinna Sadam AS, and LTH Baas AS.

High-level visits abroad play a crucial role in developing export relationships and opening doors to new markets for Estonian companies. These high-level business delegation visits are organized by the Business and Innovation Agency. To apply for these visits, companies should create a profile and express their interest via the platform