Estonia 200: Emergency session of UN Security Council needed over Belarus

  • 2020-08-10
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The non-parliamentary Estonia 200 party has condemned the election fraud and obstacles created to casting one's vote seen at the Aug. 9 presidential elections in Belarus and is demanding more vigorous steps from the Estonian government to support the citizens of Belarus and put an end to violence, including by convening an emergency session of the UN Security Council.

"Citizens of Belarus yesterday used their civic right and elected a president, yet unfortunately we will never know what the will of the people of Belarus actually is. At these elections the people of Belarus demonstrated unprecedented political activity in the name of free elections and  democracy," Karin Kaup Laponin said, presenting the position of the party.

"Therefore we must more vigorously condemn the arrests of journalists, opposition politicians and demonstrators, forbidding of independent election monitoring and narrowing the possibilities of the opposition to freely conduct agitation to spread their message," she said.

According to Estonia 200, the Estonian government must display initiative and convene a special session of the UN Security Council on Belarus, and do it as quickly as possible.

Likewise, Estonia must in all channels of international communication -- in the UN, the Council of Europe, the Council of the EU, the OSCE, the European Parliament, as well as in communication with the European Commission -- present clear positions demanding an end to violence in Belarus, release of prisoners of conscience and people arrested on political motives, as well as the organization of free and democratic elections. The Estonian minister of foreign affairs must immediately summon the Belarusian ambassador.

"We have seven deputies in the European Parliament who have been given the mandate to stand for the freedoms of individuals on the European level. Today they have the possibility to realize their mandate by defending the freedom of the people of Belarus in words and in actions. The summer holiday is over, we are expecting prompt and determined action from the deputies for Europe," Karin Kaup Laponin said.