EstateGuru hires top shots from corporate banks

  • 2019-03-01
  • TBT Staff

TALLINN - In February, EstateGuru recruited two significant additions to its rapidly growing team – former head of retail credit risk at Coop Andres Luts will fill the position of Baltic Risk Manager and Mihkel Roosme, former head of division at Swedbank, is taking charge of the business development.

“EstateGuru will invest significant resources and effort into improving our risk management, debt procurement, and international expansion. Our latest two appointments share a connection in the sense that becoming a Pan-European company has been our approach since the beginning. We are confident that including additional high-caliber professionals will bring us closer to this expansion as well as keep our credit control at a high level both locally and internationally. The selection process was extensive, and we are glad to say that we were able to hire the best candidates” said COO Mihkel Stamm.

EstateGuru’s fresh Head of Business Development Mihkel Roosme is a former senior executive from Swedbank.

“We have tasked Mihkel with accelerating and driving EstateGuru’s international expansion alongside with strategic partnership building. Mihkel has a vast experience from working in a variety of managerial positions for more than 15 years - both in private and corporate banking segment. Mihkel’s role at Swedbank provided him with a unique skill set and industry insight that make him a vital member of the EstateGuru team,” Stamm added.

Baltic Risk Manager Andres Luts is a former Head of Retail Credit Risk at Coop Bank. “Andres will contribute to building EstateGuru’s risk technology, establishing scalable risk processes to be used on both local and international level and also act as a member of the credit committee,” said Stamm. According to Stamm, Andres Luts has an extensive experience in banking sector as well as a significant project management background, which has helped him to succeed in a growth-oriented business environment. That makes Luts a perfect fit for EstateGuru’s needs and ambitions.

EstateGuru is active in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania while initial loans have been formalized in Finland and Spain.

According to Stamm, EstateGuru is currently focusing its efforts on entering the Finnish market and establishing a local footprint.

"We have investigated the markets of Portugal, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. All legal preparations have been made to enter these markets, however current main focus is Finland. With such rapid expansion as ours, it is important to keep the focus on the quality of our product and we believe that our new appointments will contribute to this goal,” he concludes.

EstateGuru is Continental Europe’s leading cross-border peer-to-peer lending marketplace for short-term property-backed loans. In a few days, the company will be celebrating a milestone of having funded a total €100 million worth of business loans. An average return of 12.2% has earned its investors nearly €7 million in interest revenue.