Easter weekend will be critical, Lithuanian healthmin warns

  • 2020-04-06
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – The upcoming Easter weekend will be critical in terms of coronavirus outbreak management in Lithuania, the country’s Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga warned on Monday calling on residents to stay at home and refrain from visiting their relatives.

“The Easter weekend will indeed be critical as people may be tempted to go out, may feel tempted to visit their relatives, their parents or grandparents. We urge them strongly against doing so,” the minister said at a news conference.

Thus far, Lithuania “has been coping with the situation relatively well”, he said noting in particular the absence of such spikes in new cases as were observed in Italy or Spain.

However, the situation might change drastically in the span of just one week if residents were to flout the coronavirus quarantine order.

This week, the government would discuss whether to extend the quarantine, or to ease the restrictions, Veryga said adding that there were “no arguments” in favor of tightening the coronavirus quarantine rules at present.

However, he urged residents to stay patient and vigilant and “to refrain from reckless behavior”.

“As far as the easing is concerned, the discussion will probably ... center on a possibility for residents to make somewhat freer use of whatever – either trade or certain services, if it is possible to maintain certain special safeguards there,” the minister said reminding in particular of the need to avoid gatherings and use personal protections.

“However, that concerns our future and we are getting ready to that and holding discussions. We have not yet made any decisions but I am sure these will be made in the near time,” Veryga assured.

Lithuania was placed under quarantine on March 16 and the lockdown was later extended until April 13.