Doup communication etiquette: ensure strong mutual business relationships

  • 2024-01-30

Comparing communication twenty years ago and now, we can observe a significant change – many functions and tasks have shifted to the online space, and without social networks, survival would be challenging. Nowadays, emails are commonly used to send work files, and communication has established itself on specialized digital platforms. Companies like Doup bridge this gap, ensuring that the work environment and everyday communication happen in one place.

Doup is a digital business card creator offering clients the option to choose from various types of physical cards, NFC stickers, and wristbands. Upon purchasing these products, you will receive access to the Doup app, where you can update your personal information and exchange it with others. But what steps should you take to make your profile interesting and eye-catching?

In your Doup profile, add detailed information and don't forget communication etiquette:

- Create a professional profile. The first impression is crucial. Add a professional photo, a concise and clear introduction, highlight your activities and competencies in your profile.

- Personalize your connections. Specify the type of relationships you are looking for. It's recommended to add keywords to your description that emphasize the specifics of your work, the nature of your activities, or common interests.

- Communicate actively. Communication should be mutual, so take the time to respond to messages. By doing so, you will not only develop communication but also ensure its strength.

- Respect others' time. Pay attention to time zones and your conversation partner's availability. Avoid disturbing during rest, working hours, or if you've been informed that the person will be busy.

- Be polite. Respect arises from mutual etiquette in communication, so don't forget it. Thank others for their help, politely ask for advice, and always respond in a respectful tone.

- Be professional. Your business partner is not your friend unless you mutually establish such a relationship. Avoid personal jokes and sarcasm, and do not burden people with dramas.

- Respect people's privacy. Each person sets their level of openness and how much they are willing to share with others. Therefore, respect others' choices and do not attempt to extract personal information.

Avoid impulsive actions and be respectful in the Doup environment:

- Avoid unclear messages. Always make sure your message is clear and contains all necessary information. Sharing brief messages might not only lead to inadequate responses but can also annoy your conversation partner.

- Don't ignore messages. Be attentive and respect people's time. If you are busy, respond later, but do not leave another person in the dark for days or weeks.

- Limit advertising. Expanding your business is beneficial, but do not overwhelm your contacts with an endless stream of information. Develop connections, and they will be willing to support your business idea.

- Do not interrupt others. Every person deserves to express their thoughts without unnecessary interruptions. To be respectful, wait for the other person to finish speaking and engage only in clear discussions.

- Ensure each other's safety. Data theft can be intimidating, but Doup protects your privacy. Signed data protection agreements allow confidential information to stay between the parties.

- Limit the number of messages. Do not bombard your contacts with messages, especially if they have not been online for a while. You might come across as annoying, impatient, and lacking logical reasoning.

- Avoid negativity. Strive for your messages to be positive or, at the very least, neutral. Positivity brightens life, making people more willing to communicate with you.

Expanding your network is crucial and beneficial, but respect should flow from both sides. Ensure that your conversation partner feels comfortable, secure, and their opinion is as valuable as your ideas. All of this will help the Doup platform, where distant contacts can quickly turn into business partners and fellow enthusiasts.