Dombrovskis wins highest voter support, Karins 'the most crossed-out candidate' in EP elections

  • 2024-06-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - New Unity leader Valdis Dombrovskis won the highest voter support in this year's European Parliament (EP) elections, while his fellow party member Krisjanis Karins emerged as "the most crossed-out candidate", according to the preliminary results released by the Central Election Commission. 

In last week's polls. 91,873 voters gave Dombrovskis 91,873 pluses as a special endorsement, while 2,250 crossed out his name on the ballot papers. Meanwhile, 33,907 voters crossed out Karins and nearly just as many - 33,939 - gave him pluses.

Sandra Kalniete (New Unity), who was elected to the EP, received 55,176 pluses and was crossed out on 8,167 ballot papers. 

Of the candidates running in the EP elections on the National Alliance ticket, Roberts Zile emerged as the most supported candidate with 68,224 pluses and 3,925 crossings-out. Rihards Kols (National Alliance) received 39,464 pluses and was crossed out 6,087 times. Both Zile and Kols have won seats in the EP.

Reinis Poznaks, the only candidate on the United List to win a mandate, received 20,725 pluses and 2,279 crossings-out.

Ivars Ijabs of For Latvia's Development, was elected with 27,345 pluses and 1,896 crossings-out. 

Vilis Kristopans of Latvia First received 15,490 pluses and was crossed out 867 times, winning a seat in the EP. 

Martins Stakis of the Progressives was given 21,840 pluses and was crossed out 2,187 times. In the EP elections, Stakis outperformed the Progressives' lead candidate Elina Pinto and won a mandate.

Nils Usakovs who was reelected to the EP from the electoral list of Harmony, was endorsed by 24,253 voters, while 1,080 voters crossed him out. 

As reported, New Unity won the EP elections in Latvia, leaving the National Alliance in second place. New Unity and the National Alliance each won two mandates in the EP, while the United List, For Latvia's Development, Latvia First, Progressives and Harmony each won one mandate. Dombrovskis emerged as the candidate with higher voter support.