Dombrava proposes tougher requirements for EU citizens residing in Latvia

  • 2023-01-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Saeima member Janis Dombrava (National Alliance) proposes tougher requirements for European Union citizens residing in Latvia, which deal with the Latvian language command and income level.

The proposals concern a draft bill on EU citizens and their family members' travel to and residence in Latvia, which is to be reviewed by Saeima.

The bill provides that if an EU citizen wishes to reside in Latvia for more than three months, he or she must apply for a registration card of a EU citizen.

Dombrava proposes that the registration card be not issued to persons who are self-employed in Latvia. He explains that the status of a self-employed person does not ensure a regular monthly income.

Dombrava also suggests higher requirements for EU citizens regarding their minimum monthly income.

In addition, Dombrava believes that EU citizens who stay in Latvia for more than six months must learn the Latvian language at least at the A2 level. If this condition is not met, EU citizens residing in Latvia may have their registration card, residence or permanent residence permit revoked, proposes Dombrava.