Discovering Klaipeda: a haven for productivity and relaxation

  • 2023-08-01

Looking for the perfect blend of inspiration and a stress-free environment? Klaipeda offers the best of both worlds: a thriving business environment and a laid-back pace that's hard to find elsewhere. 

Why businesses love Klaipeda?

Klaipeda is a city on the rise. Powered by the ambitious "Klaipeda 2030" strategy, its growth is anything but accidental. It's a carefully crafted vision for a top-notch destination to invest, live, work, and unwind in.

The city has already captured the attention of businessmen from over 50 countries, with Cyprus, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany leading the way as significant investors. Klaipeda has welcomed over 30 projects in the past five years and generated nearly 3,000 new jobs.

What sets Klaipeda apart is its relentless focus on the Blue Economy. As the aspiring Blue Economy capital of the Baltics, the city is tackling vital challenges in seafood production, renewable energy, cybersecurity, and maritime technology, among other areas. Klaipeda's commitment to innovation and modernization is opening doors for businesses. For example, the 700 MW offshore wind park alone is expected to create approximately 1,300 new jobs and attract €1 billion in investments”.

Klaipėda's reputation extends beyond its maritime sector, as it is renowned for more than just its involvement in the shipping industry. The city boasts vibrant communities focused on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and information and communication technology (ICT), which contribute to its diverse business environment. These communities promote collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, adding richness to the city's economic landscape.

Klaipėda's Free Economic Zone, with its streamlined bureaucratic procedures and attractive tax benefits, acts as a magnet for investors. Its designation as a "green corridor" further adds to its appeal.

Klaipėda's advantageous location, just a 30-minute drive from Palanga's International Airport, ensures excellent connectivity to major business centers in Scandinavia, Riga, and London.

The city's ferry connections to various destinations, including Kiel, Karlshamn, Trelleborg, Travemünde, and Rostock, enhance its accessibility even more. 

Lastly, businesses are drawn to Klaipeda by its rare treasure – an abundance of highly skilled workers.

Klaipeda's appeal to highly qualified individuals

With nearly half of its population under the age of 40, Klaipeda exudes youthful dynamism and fresh perspectives. The residents of Klaipeda are renowned for their language skills, with a staggering 80% being proficient in multiple languages, particularly English.

Education holds a prominent position in Klaipeda, boasting a dozen educational institutions that cater to over 10,000 students. These institutions recognize the global demand for skilled professionals and actively collaborate with businesses to ensure their graduates possess the knowledge and expertise required by the market. Klaipeda offers a diverse range of programs and courses, spanning from engineering to IT, which even extend to primary schools to nurture young minds.

The city's magnetic allure extends beyond its borders, attracting both local and international talents who seek to fulfil their career and personal aspirations. To support this influx of newcomers, Klaipeda has established the International House, a dedicated resource that facilitates employment and integration for foreigners.

But the attractiveness of Klaipeda doesn't end there. Klaipeda offers a range of financial incentives to those who choose to make the city their home. Newcomers can receive up to €2,000 for rent assistance; an additional €400 is also available for Lithuanian language courses. And that's not all – comprehensive support awaits newcomers as they navigate the process of finding employment, settling into their new lives, and providing quality education for their children.

Work-life balance

Life in Klaipeda is an endless “workation”. This city offers the perfect escape for talented individuals seeking peace from burnout without compromising their professional ambitions.

Despite its status as a major city, Klaipeda embraces the concept of slow living, providing a haven of tranquillity with minimal traffic, noise, and crowds. Most destinations can be easily reached on foot, by bicycle, electric vehicles, or water buses, sparing residents the frustration of meaningless hours stuck in traffic jams.

The city boasts more sunny days than any other in the country, a third of its territory is covered in lush woodlands, and an extensive selection of nature trails awaits hikers and cyclists. Not to mention the 14 kilometres of pristine, world-class beaches that adorn its coastline.

In 2023 Klaipeda was named the 5th most welcoming place on earth by Unsurprisingly, this city is also one of the happiest in the country, celebrated for its demographic health, quality education, and thriving economy, all while allowing individuals to pursue ambitious career goals.

Additionally, the city is recognized as one of the safest cities in the country, surpassing the capital, Vilnius, in areas such as road safety, crime rates, access to medical care, and mortality from non-communicable diseases.

Klaipeda truly offers the best of both worlds – a thriving business environment and a high quality of life at a reasonable cost. With the second-highest average salary in the country and comparatively lower expenses such as rent, Klaipeda delivers on both professional and personal fronts, creating a desirable balance. 

But don't just take our word for it – plan your visit to Klaipeda now and unlock a world of possibilities.