Digital transformation 2.0: The concept of a personal state was introduced at the Estonian Government Cloud information day

  • 2023-06-16

At the information day of the Estonian IT Center (RIT) "The next generation of the Estonian Government Cloud ", the idea of a personal state was introduced; there was a discussion about the journey taking the cloud environment to the 2.0 solution; and a new self-service portal was announced.

"We are ready for digital transformation 2.0, the goal of which is to build a personal digital state. It is a system that automatically informs a person that they need to act when the time is right. It can be used by both individuals and entrepreneurs", explained Tiit Riisalo, the new Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology. 

He added that people shouldn’t worry about how to get the information themselves, the information will come to them in a timely manner by itself.

"We want to create a solution that is capable of sending notifications to people when their driver's licence is about to expire, documents need signatures, or grants are received," said Riisalo, emphasising that the Estonian Government Cloud has a fundamental role to play in reaching these goals.

Since February, the Estonian Government Cloud has had a new self-service portal. "The environment has a new design with, among other things, a fixed menu, support for favourites, and the option of a dark mode. In terms of functionality, the front end was updated, search was added, navigation was improved, a statistics overview was added, instructions were updated and much more," the Estonian Government Cloud Manager Taavi Viilukas stated.

"As for the development of the Estonian Government Cloud 2.0, it will be the new face of the cloud. The 2.0 version will feature significantly enhanced functionality, where everything is code-based," said Viilukas about the modern solution. "The first version must be completed by March 2025, so work on the new solution is proceeding rapidly," he said.

In addition to RIT's experts, representatives of RIA, Storadera, OpenNode, Telia Eesti, and ByteLife Solutions appeared as partners at the information day of the Estonian Government Cloud.

The next Estonian Government Cloud information day will take place in 2024.

The event in Estonian can be watched here: 

The Estonian Government Cloud is a cloud environment owned and managed by the state, which allows managing the state's information systems more economically, makes public services more consistent, faster and more convenient, and meets the highest security standards. From 2022, only the state, i.e. the Estonian IT Center, will manage and develop the Estonian Government Cloud.

The Estonian IT Center (RIT) was established in 2021 under the administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to centrally provide computer workplace and server base infrastructure services in the country.

The organisation provides basic ICT services to state institutions and, by agreement, to institutions of a local government unit, foundations established by the state, public legal entities and private legal entities performing public tasks.