Deel Introduces Deel IQ, an Artificial Intelligence Assistant for International Company Personnel Management

  • 2023-10-20

The international human resources platform, Deel, has introduced an artificial intelligence assistant - Deel IQ. It is a tool that will help both small startups and large corporations planning to hire employees from other countries obtain valuable information about local legislation, human resources practices, and the company's workforce in over 150 countries worldwide.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant strides worldwide this year, and in Latvia, an increasing number of companies are using AI tools in their daily operations for tasks such as text generation or image generation. However, few are aware that AI can also play a role in managing a company's personnel. This opportunity is now offered by Deel's AI assistant, Deel IQ.

Deel IQ is integrated with the ChatGPT AI tool, granting it access to Deel's Global Knowledge Base, which is curated by a team of 200 human resources experts and lawyers. These resources empower Deel IQ to transform any organization into an international human resources expert by providing simplified information about various technical nuances related to employees and the labor market.

Thanks to Deel's Global Knowledge Base, employers have the opportunity to ensure compliance with local regulations, regardless of where potential employees reside. Additionally, employers can use Deel IQ to quickly obtain data on employee costs or the number of employees with specific skills. By utilizing this data, a company can generate reports on employees and teams, avoiding the use of manual, complex, and opaque spreadsheets.

"With Deel IQ, companies can easily acquire valuable and international human resources information and gather insights and conclusions based on their own workforce data. Company leaders and human resources teams simply need to ask the right questions, and AI will provide answers, helping make better hiring and management decisions. Deel already offers various tools to find employees and explore new markets. Deel IQ will provide even better support and help employers avoid mistakes when hiring international employees and working with them," said Liina Laas, Deel's Expansion Manager for Central and Eastern Europe.

Deel IQ provides data on contracts and invoices while maintaining multi-level security. Access to artificial intelligence and the database is regulated using Deel's virtual private cloud, ensuring that data is not publicly accessible. Access to the data can only be granted with special permission, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access.

Currently, Deel IQ is available in a trial version exclusively for Deel clients. Learn more at

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