Compulsory quotas for distribution of migrants would mean end of EU

  • 2020-03-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) MEP Jaak Madison said during a discussion of the migration crisis on the border of Greece and Turkey at a plenary sitting of the European Parliament on Tuesday that new pressure to establish migration quotas would also mean the end of the European Union.

In his speech, Madison highlighted that in 2015-2016, mass chaos was caused when the open-door policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was implemented. The MEP added that the policy, in turn, was to be solved by distributing migrants under mandatory quotas. "My message is that any pressure for quotas and distributions will lead to the end of the European Union. This will create a final crisis for the European Union," Madison said.

He emphasized that he has traveled to the migrant camps in Greece on multiple occasions and added that most of the people there have not been refugees and that calling economic migrants refugees is lying.

"These are economic migrants and we, the European peoples in various countries, have no obligation to solve the problems deliberately created by extreme leftist forces across Europe. For example, in Germany. I come from Estonia and represent my people, and 65 percent of us do not support a common migration policy. So forget it!" Madison said.