Complete isolation would not be right solution for Covid-19 yet - infectious diseases specialist

  • 2020-03-30
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In Latvia's case, putting the population in full quarantine and total isolation would not be the right solution for stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus at the moment, Uga Dumpis, the Health Ministry's chief infectious diseases specialist, said in an interview with Latvian Television this morning. 

The expert said that confining oneself at home can lead to severe psychoemotional consequences and aggravation of other health issues, so restrictions should be introduced so that people could live with them as long as possible. An sudden lockdown will not make the contagion disappear from Latvia, Dumpis said. 

Commenting on the current Covid-19 incidence and possible future scenarios, the infectious diseases specialist said that the number of untraceable cases in Latvia is still relatively low. The situation with the rate of local transmissions will become clearer soon now that the repatriation of returnees is coming to an end. 

Last week, the daily data on new coronavirus cases remained rather similar, which means that to a certain degree the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia is being controlled. If it was uncontrolled, then a week later, for instance, there would be 2 to 2.5 times more cases per day. So at least for now it seems that our measures are at least restricting the spread of the virus in Latvia," Dumpis said. 

The expert said that further restrictive measures will be introduced based only on the analysis of Covid-19 incidence data. "We will be analyzing figures, we will be doing what we are doing well, in my opinion. We diagnose the illness, investigate epidemic cases and then think what measures to take or cancel," Dumpis said. 

The infectious diseases specialist underlined that the battle against the coronavirus is a "very dynamic process, and there is no recipe in the world for managing it". 

As reported, with another 42 patients diagnosed Covid-19 during the past 24 hours, the total number of novel coronavirus cases in Latvia grew to 347 by Sunday, according to information released by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.