Cido Grupa has been been evaluated as the most sustainable partner in the beverage industry in Latvia

  • 2023-01-11

Beverage industry opinion survey data* shows that for more than half (58%) of representatives of retail chains, restaurants and cafes, deem sustainability as a key factor in order to make a positive decision about future cooperation with a supplier. Only 7% of the surveyed partners indicated that the promotion of sustainability does not influence the decision to cooperate. The leading beverage company Cido Grupa was rated as the most sustainable partner in 2022 with the highest reputation index in Latvia in the opinion survey of the beverage industry.

Partners rated the reputation of Cido Grupa the highest in the beverage industry - with 77 points. The results of the research show that the top 3 parameters of the company related to reputation and sustainability, which are important for partners in Latvia, are: a reliable business partner (82%), producing and selling high-quality products (82%), and providing a healthy selection of beverages (67%).

"We are happy about the trust shown by our partners and highly value their opinion - such a high reputation rating only confirms that we are on the right track. We believe that by implementing the goals of the sustainability strategy, we will further justify our expectations of being the best partner", says Marijus Valdas Kirstukas, Member of the board of Cido Grupa

One of the most ambitious goals of Cido Grupa sustainability strategy is to achieve 100% climate-neutral production by 2025, and to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO₂) footprint of the entire supply chain by at least 50% by 2030. "In order to achieve climate-neutral production, in May this year we will install our solar panel park with a total capacity of 250 kWp. The transition to more environmentally and climate-friendly energy resources is a logical next step in sustainability, which will allow us to produce 5% of the total electricity consumption ourselves, be more independent from electricity price fluctuations and work even more energy efficiently. By 2025, we plan to completely abandon the use of fossil fuels for heating and technological production processes. The project development phase of this transition is planned to be fully completed already this year," about the nearest sustainability goals tell M. V. Kirstukas.

Reputation opinion surveys allow entrepreneurs not only improve the operation of the company, but also to measure progress. Among other positively evaluated aspects, retail chains noted the recyclable packaging started to use by Cido Grupa. By 2025, is set the goal of switching 100% to fully recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging.

In the spring of 2022, the leading beverage company in Latvia, Cido Grupa, started implementing a sustainability strategy, gradually introducing significant changes in the entire company's operations, which are planned to be fully implemented by 2025. It is planned to invest 6 million euros in the introduction of more environmentally friendly packaging, the extraction and use of renewable energy, the reduction of water consumption in the production process, the creation of healthier products, as well as supporting initiatives important to society. When implementing a sustainability strategy, the evaluation of partners and customers is extremely important for Cido Grupa to become the first choice and the most sustainable partner in the beer and non-alcoholic beverage industry segment by 2025.

*101 companies participated in the survey of Latvian customers of the Royal Unibrew Baltic group conducted by the research company Kantar, among which were representatives of retail chains, cafes, and restaurants. Respondents evaluated Cido Grupa in the categories of sustainability, social responsibility, and reputation.