Changed security situation making it necessary to change Estonia 2035 action plan

  • 2022-04-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Government Office sent an updated draft of the action plan for the Estonia 2035 strategy to a coordination round to introduce changes related to the changed security situation.

The updated draft action plan includes specified indicators and renewed activities on the basis of input from ministries.

"As the strategy and its action plan have been implemented for only a year at the moment, it is unlikely there will be many changes made to the action plan, but there will nevertheless be a few in light of developments in the world in the meantime," Eili Lepik, deputy director of the strategy unit at the Government Office, said. "For example, in view of crisis readiness and security, the necessary activities had been planned and no significant changes to the action plan were needed, while activities that will help implement the green turn in Estonia, both in the public and private sectors, were added and specified," Lepik added.

On April 11, an overview of the implementation of the action plan and the updated draft of the Estonia 2035 action plan will be discussed with partners and other attendees at a seminar organized by the Government Office and the Ministry of Finance.

"At the seminar, we would like to give the partners an overview of the implementation of the Estonia 2035 strategy and the updating of the action plan before the end of the coordination period and the final completion of the draft," Lepik said. "It is also a good time and place to introduce EU funding opportunities for the new financial period, the planning and preparation of which on the Estonian side has been carried out in accordance with the Estonia 2035 strategy and long-term goals," she added.

In order to keep the action plan for the implementation of the national long-term strategy Estonia 2035 up to date, it is reviewed annually and updated if necessary. The Estonia 2035 action plan is related to the economic coordination of the European Semester, it is the basis for planning European Union funds and provides direction for the implementation of global sustainable development goals in Estonia. The updated Estonia 2035 action plan and an overview of the implementation of the Estonia 2035 action plan will be approved by the government and submitted to the European Commission by the end of April 2022.