Casino Banking Habits in the Baltics

  • 2021-08-13

Gambling in the Baltic countries is flourishing. For years, the three Baltic states have been busily working towards a safe gambling environment both for players and the operators. The market growth has led to an increase in gambling operators, software companies, players, and payment methods.

But how do people gamble in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania? What are their players’ casino banking habits? Let’s bring to light the Baltic casino gambling habits, including spending habits and preferred payment methods. 

How Baltic Gamblers Gamble 

Each country has been successfully working on designing markets that allow punters to play games of luck safely. The success translates into hundreds of licenced online casinos catering to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia players. What is more, all these operators have to have good content to offer, which means they are working with prominent software companies. 

Hence, it’s no wonder some of the biggest game-making names work from Latvia and Lithuania, including notable live casino producers such as Evolution and Playtech.

A surplus of sites to join, along with good-quality games, means only one – players have unlimited options when it comes to shaping their perfect gambling experiences.

Another thing they also abound in is the banking offer. Payment options are aplenty, with internationally acclaimed payment services transferring deposits and withdrawals at casinos online. 

Licencing authorities, control boards like the Latvian Interactive Gambling Association, and governments stand behind each participant – be it an operator, player, or banking service – to guarantee a safe experience for the player. By establishing a sound system for licencing and punishing illegal gambling sites that harm the punters, the three countries established a rule – everything is allowed as long as it is safe. 

Most Popular Payment Options in the Baltics

So, what do Baltic gamblers use for transferring their money? 

In truth, they have more than enough options. The constant improvement of the industry indicates that Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian casinos are keen on expanding their banking offers regularly. The logic behind this is simple to understand as it boils down to three elements: variety, speed, and safety.  

Taking into consideration all three elements, we can say that the most popular payment options at Baltic casinos today are e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. 

Neteller and Skrill are the most used e-wallet options because they provide a speedy experience that costs next to nothing. They are exceptionally easy to use too, which is a bonus for players who want to avoid the hassle. On the other hand, PayPal, another common e-wallet popular in Europe, is not exactly widespread in the Baltics. 

Another popular option is Trustly because it gives the players a chance to shop and pay for items online using apps or cards that link to their bank accounts. Trustly is also behind the Pay N Play  concept that lets players place quick deposits and play without registration. This way, the punters do not need to leave personal information anywhere while enjoying the most out of their favourite gaming sites. 

Speaking of anonymity, if players want to avoid the hassle of registering and leaving personal info on the web, they can also use cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the favourite one, of course, with dozens of top-rated Bitcoin casinos across the Baltics. 


With healthy limits, reasonable laws, and an open mind, there’s no say in how far you can go. This is especially true for Baltic gambling-friendly countries that realised how important it can be to regulate gaming a long time ago.

Licenced and regulated markets protect the players while giving them room to have fun and enjoy their favourite games. But, of course, a crucial part of their adventure is banking, and there’s one rule that Baltic casinos apply – a safe and fast variety is a must.

As a result, Baltic players use e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and online banking options to safely transfer money to and from their casinos without a single worry in their minds.