Board of Riga Zoo sacked

  • 2020-02-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ingmars Lidaka, chairman of the Riga Zoo board and board member Andris Morozovs (Harmony) have been dismissed, Lidaka informed LETA.

Lidaka said he was not yet able to comment on the reasons for his firing as he was not informed about the reasoning behind the decision.

According to a statement to the press released by Morozovs, the sacking of the zoo's board is connected with a land plot in Riga's Mezaparks neighborhood, which in 2011 was handed over to Riga Zoo for free use. "The sacking of the board has paved the way for the expropriation of this property," Morozovs said.

According to information provided by Morozovs, in August 2011, the local authority of Riga gave the 22,872 square meters large land property in Mezaparks to the Riga National Zoological Garden for free use. The agreement was concluded for a term of 10 years.

"Without waiting for the agreement to expire, the city's executive director has found a reason to terminate the agreement. Violations of the terms of use on the part of Riga Zoo have been cited the reason for this, which also became the reason for dismissing the board. The Riga National Zoological Garden had been using the land property unimpeded until the fall of 2019 when suddenly allegations were made about possible illegal construction and storage of construction waste at this site. The board and the zoo's specialists deny the allegations," Morozovs said.

Morozovs has called a news conference about the situation. The news conference will take place at 12:00 today at the zoo's ticket office.

Lidaka has been heading Riga Zoo since March 2018 and Morozovs joined the zoo's board late last year after Edgars Vitols and Ukdis Zelubovskis resigned as the zoo's long-standing board members.

According to information obtained by LETA, Rolands Greizins, who headed Riga Zoo from 2004 to 2017, has again been appointed the zoo's board chairman. Sandis Cakuls, undersecretary of state for defense and regional development at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, has been appointed a member of the zoo's board.

According to information available at, Riga Zoo closed 2018 with EUR 3.65 million in turnover and a profit of EUR 115,748.