Baltic states have been driving public opinion in Europe since beginning of war - Levits

  • 2022-09-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Baltic states and Poland have been driving public opinion in Europe since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, President Egils Levits said in an interview on Latvian Television this morning.

In his opinion, there can be talk about a new phenomenon. The Baltic states, Poland and other like-minded countries have taken the initiative in the European Union (EU) since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. These are the countries that drive public opinion in Europe, thus resulting in compromises.

"The initiative comes from us. A good example now is also the issue of visas - we were the first to immediately stop issuing visas to Russian tourists. Now we have forwarded this issue to the EU Council, where a compromise has been reached in this direction," said the president.

Levits believes that it is also good in terms of foreign policy that Latvia is actively participating in the creation of EU policy "in the right direction".

The president also expressed that Latvia needs to "disengage from the Soviet heritage" both mentally and economically.

"It must be removed from our heads and minds,'' said the president.