At least 465 schools, kindergartens to take part in World Cleanup Day in Estonia

  • 2023-09-15
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Altogether 52,000 people, including 465 schools and kindergartens, have announced their participation in the World Cleanup Day taking place in Estonia on Saturday.

Thus, teenagers and children make up nearly 90 percent of all participants.

"We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts to the teachers and all the people who work with young people, who involve children and young people in the Cleanup Day every year. It is a pleasure to see that educational institutions have realized what opportunities World Cleanup Day offers to do something yourself in cooperation and also to analyze environmental problems more deeply," Elike Saviorg, leader of the cleanup in Estonia, said. "Children and young people have been exceptionally good every year, this year as well! In addition to the previous times, several youth centers have also joined the group of cleaners."

Next to the annual cleanup of small garbage, such as cigarette butts and small plastic, this year the Baltic Sea and cemeteries are the focal point of the cleanup in Estonia. While last year there were a few public cleanups, this year there are 55 public cleanups across Estonia, where everyone interested is welcome. Public cleanups will take place, for example, in larger cemeteries in Tallinn, Tartu and Parnu, as well as on Stroomi beach in North Tallinn, near the Linnahall arena and in many other places across Estonia.

"World Cleanup will be at cemeteries for the first time this year and we are sincerely glad that altogether 17 cemeteries across Estonia have joined our initiative! Until now, cemeteries have been alone with their single-use plastic waste concerns, so we are delighted to be able to shoulder the burden and help cemeteries," Eger Karuse, head of communications of the initiative in Estonia, said.

While the interest of local governments in organizing public cleanups has been low, communities, village groups, schools, youth centers and, of course, cemeteries have been keen to join the initiative.

"What makes me most happy is that almost all counties in Estonia are covered with public cleanups and there are a lot of beach cleanups as well. There will be altogether 16 public beach cleanups. The fact that groups and communities come out together really warms the heart," Kerli Laur, head of the environmental program of the initiative, said.

Additionally, every year, more and more companies come out on World Cleanup Day and some of them do so with quite large groups.

A more detailed overview of the events can be found on the website and the organizers also ask everyone to register their participation there. Feedback from all cleaners is also anticipated through the World Cleanup Day website.

The organization of the World Cleanup Day is supported by the Environmental Investment Center (KIK), the British Council, Neste Eesti, Jazz Pesulad, the North Tallinn city district government, the Tallinn Strategy Center, Gratitude Services OU, Sky Media, Optimist Creative, Megameedia Grupp OU, Tallinna Sadam, Linnaekraanid and Clearchannel.