At Home with the World – Latvia

  • 2022-11-08

We welcome you to the fourth concert of “At Home with the World – Latvia”, Tuesday  15th of November at 19:00. 

Zuzeum invites you to join Shipsea and friends for an acoustic evening series “At  Home with the World”. The musical performances are held in the Zuzeum living room,  a space for hosting guests and being together. 

The fourth instalment of the concert series will be held during a festive week for Latvia  with a patriotic mood. Kristīne Garklāva, a journalist and World Wildlife Organisation  WWF ambassador will share stories and historical insights into her country's past. Musical tales will be played by guitarist, soloist and author Miķelis Putniņš from the  band ‘’Ezeri’’. ‘’Latvian harp specialist’’, ethnomusicologist Laima Jansone and the  concert curator Jānis Šipkēvics (Shipsea). 

The tickets are available online at The ticket price is EUR 22. A  limited number of seats are available. The purchased tickets cannot be returned or  exchanged. 

Both seating and standing arrangements are available, without prior reservation, at  the concert. Come early to find the most comfortable space, enjoy drinks from the cafe  and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.  

Concertgoers will be able to visit the exhibition ‘Growing Out? Growing Up?’ collection  of contemporary art in the Baltics', which gives an insight into collecting culture and art  developments in the Baltic States. 

*With your participation in the event, you agree to have photos and videos taken of  you and used of them for publicity purposes. You have the right to object to  photographing or filming yourself or your child by announcing it.