Art Museum of Estonia in Haapsalu

  • 2019-04-09
  • TBT Staff

On Friday, 12 April at 6 pm the Art Museum of Estonia opens an exhibition dedicated to its anniversary at the Haapsalu Old Town Hall. The show is entitled Open Collections.Art Museum in Your Town.

The Art Museum of Estonia will be touring the country with a travelling exhibition of valuable 17th to 21st century artworks from its collection. The display illustrates the development of artistic genres and motifs in time and space, compares and contrasts works from different eras, and includes examples of portrait, landscape and genre painting. Visitors can admire the artists’ interpretations of daily activities and family occasions, as well as their depictions of urban environments and light. In the selection of artworks, classics have been mixed with modern pieces and foreign art with the local Estonian art. One of the contemporary artists participating in the exhibition is Elis Saareväli, from Haapsalu.

The travelling exhibition is part of the Art Museum of Estonia 100 jubilee programme and takes samples from their collection to Haapsalu (in cooperation with the Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums), Narva (with the Hermann Castle of the Narva Museum) and Valga (with the Valga Museum). From 5 July to 10 November 2019, the great hall of the Kumu Art Museum will be reserved for the international exhibition Open Collections: The Artist Takes the Floor, which will be dedicated to the centennial of the Art Museum of Estonia. More information on the exhibition is available here.

The exhibition Open Collections. Art Museum in Your Town at the Haapsalu Old Town Hall has been organised in collaboration with the Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums.

The exhibition will remain open until 2 June 2019.