Around 25 people get lost in fog on Lake Peipsi in last week

  • 2024-03-01
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Over the past week, around 25 people have gotten lost in the fog on Lake Peipsi, which is why the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board is asking people to observe the weather conditions and use navigational aids when going onto the border water body.

According to Jalmar Ernits, head of the Mustvee border guard base, over the last week, there have been several cases in the Lake Peipsi region where fishermen have mistakenly entered the border regime area and on two occasions crossed the border illegally.

In one case, Russian border guards detained a lost fisherman and he had to spend the night in a detention cell there. The vast majority of those who got lost were fishermen from Latvia. All those lost in the fog were found and border guard base patrols brought them ashore.

Ernits explained that most violations can be prevented by people themselves.

"Before going onto the border water body, people have to monitor the ice and weather conditions, be it snow, rain or heavy fog. In addition, it is necessary to make clear where the border runs and where one is allowed to be, because otherwise, in the current weather conditions, moving around in the wrong place, where the ice is no longer so strong, can lead to tragic consequences," he added.

Ernits said that in order to prevent violations and to determine one's location, in addition to fishing equipment and an identity document, it is necessary to take a navigation device with oneself and learn how to use it. In addition, people should also bring a charged mobile phone with the border guard base's contact number, where it is possible to get help and additional information from if necessary.