Aluksnes Poultry Farm invests additional 4 million euros and increases production capacity by 35%

  • 2021-09-20

By investing 4 million euros in the Aluksnes poultry farm, APF Holdings opens a third poultry house with an area of 3,000 m2, while the total area of the entire egg production facilities is 23 hectares. Egg production in Aluksne has a long history and it is one of the oldest egg production facilities in Latvia, which has been operating since 1961, and this year is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

This is one of the most ambitious investment projects in the Aluksne region, as 15 million euros have been invested in the production facility and its technologies over five years. The third poultry house was built using resources of the APF Group and attracting ALTUM funding in the amount of one and a half million euros for the purchase of modern equipment. The construction work was performed by the Latvian construction company SIA Aimasa and took 9 months. The new poultry house has a capacity for 125,000 laying hens.

Official event was attended by Mr Massimo Finco, President of Officine Facco, a global leader in production of poultry equipment: “I am pleased to attend the inauguration of the Libera cage free system at SIA ALUKSNES poultry farm, one of the most important and growing egg producers in Latvia and the Baltic Area. Off. Facco has studied and realized a turnkey project of two sheds of Libera Cage Free for a total of 260,000 birds installed between 2019 and 2021. The poultry systems designed are born from the strong collaboration with the customer since the phases of planning and development, through a careful analysis of the projects of growth and development in the cage free market. The long term relationship and friendship between President Massimo Finco and the owner of the farm Mr. Jurijs Adamovics is one of the main reasons that bring Off. Facco and SIA ALUKSNES in a strong relationship to realize innovative poultry cage free solutions for the production of eggs in the Baltic market. Officine Facco is honoured to be a partner of SIA ALUKSNES and we are looking forward to be at your side for future projects in the poultry market.”

Janis Vitenbergs, Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia: "Nobody still is able to clearly answer the question, which came first - the chicken or the egg? I am sure that in Aluksne they’ve known the answer to that for 60 years already. Thinking not only about the well-being of their region, but the entire country, Aluksnes poultry farm implements projects for future growth. And I am really pleased that, at a time when the pandemic has shaken the world economy, the company continues to think about long-term development and is expanding its capacity even more, providing both modern and up-to-date production processes and stable jobs for local people. Any such investment in the development of the company also boosts the global reputation of Latvia as a manufacturer of high-quality products.”

Jurijs Adamovics, Founder and Chairman of APF Holding: “In the APF production facilities we are using the most up-to-date technological solutions that ensure maximum automation of processes and help us to maintain world-class biosafety standards. We mostly produce for the Baltic market and export around 30% to other European Union countries. We are also planning further systematic development. At present, the holding company has established a subsidiary – Preilu putni, which will grow laying hens for the needs of Aluksnes Poultry Farm, so that we don’t need to buy growers from foreign suppliers anymore. It is planned that, starting next year in Preili, we will grow more than 200,000 chickens up to 14-16 weeks of age. We are also active in the research field, working on the development of new egg products.”

Hermanis Dovgijs, CEO of Aluksnes Poultry Farm: “Up to now, more than 50 employees work in the company, expanding the production facilities and reconstructing the third poultry house, we have created 5 new jobs, and also provided socio-economic benefits to the region. Currently, we have 415 thousand laying hens and we are the second largest producer of hen eggs in Latvia, producing 115 million eggs a year, which is 35% more than before. The company's products are available in major retail chains, including TOP and RIMI. Our goal for the next five years is to increase production and expand our product range.”

Kaspars Gerhards, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia: “Eggs produced in Latvia are in demand not only in Latvia, but also abroad. Over the last five years, the export value of our product has increased significantly - by less than half, or 42%. Poultry production is the fastest growing animal products sector in the world. Also, future forecasts of the European Commission demonstrate that egg production and consumption in the European Union will gradually increase in the coming years. Eggs are relatively available in most parts of the world, rich in many essential nutrients and extremely versatile in their use. Therefore, despite the market disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the future of egg production looks promising. And Latvia, with a new egg production company, can contribute to increasing consumption. I wish APF Holdings to continue their successful operations in the industry also further!”

ALTUM, Member of the Board, Aleksandrs Bimbirulis: “We are pleased to participate in funding of the next development stage of Aluksnes poultry farm, adding to the funding provided by commercial banks. During our cooperation, including in difficult situations, we have become convinced of the targeted action of the company, both by significantly increasing production volumes, improving the production facility, and actively operating in export markets. I wish the company a successful next stage of development and expansion, achieving the high goals set.”

Dzintars Adlers, Chairman of Aluksne District Council: “For us, as a region, it is very important to have manufacturing enterprises that provide jobs, both for the population and to create added value. The development of the region is not possible without producers, Aluksnes poultry farm produces eggs called “Oluksna”, thus also promoting our region. The company is also socially responsible, providing regular support to local events, athletes, children and seniors.”

About Aluksnes Poultry Farm:
Since 2017, Aluksnes poultry farm is a member of the International Egg Commission, the organisation that unites egg producers from different countries, and since 2018 is a member of the Latvian Egg Producers Association. In 2019 it also became a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). In 2020, “Oluksne” chicken eggs were awarded with the Green Spoon quality mark, while “APF chicken eggs M” and “APF chicken eggs L” received the award “Product of the Year 2019”. Aluksnes poultry farm is located in Ziemera parish, Aluksne district - surrounded by the untouched nature of Northern Latvia.