Alexela Expands Its Operations to the Latvian Energy Market

  • 2023-10-12

Alexela, a leading energy company and green innovator in Estonia, has announced its expansion into the Latvian energy market, solidifying its commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions. With a history of over three decades, Alexela has evolved from a fuel station operator into a diversified energy group offering a wide range of energy products and services. The company will now enter the Latvian market to offer services to corporate and private customers.

Marti Hääl, Chairman of the Board at Alexela, emphasized the strategic importance of this expansion. "Entering the Latvian market is a significant step for Alexela. We are dedicated delivering high-quality energy solutions and establishing long-lasting partnerships in Latvia."

With this expansion, Alexela reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector and looks forward to contributing positively to the Latvian energy landscape.

Alexela is offering a range of customized offers for corporate and private clients in Latvia. These offerings encompass both natural gas and electricity solutions, providing flexibility to suit varying business needs. Corporate clients will have the option to choose between fixed-rate plans and market-price-based plans, ensuring that they have access to the most suitable and cost-effective energy solutions. This diverse range of options ensures that customers have the flexibility to choose the plan that best aligns with their energy needs and preferences. Alexela is intended to upgrade the private individual offering in early 2024.

“As the energy sector continues its transformation from fossil to renewable energy resources, it has also contributed to a volatile market environment. We believe that the arrival of a new player in Latvia's energy sector and Alexela's "one-stop-shop" approach will be a positive signal to both home and business energy needs, contributing to more stable and predictable pricing options as well as “stressless” consumer-focused and tailored solutions,” said Māris Avotiņš, Country Manager of Alexela in Latvia.

Alexela is Estonian green innovator that develops a sustainable network of service stations through the creation of filling up facilities for biomethane, LNG, electricity, and hydrogen already in 2024. Alexela provides its customers in Estonia, Latvia and Finland with a unique range of everyday energy products, such as electricity, natural gas, cylinder and tank gas, as well as car fuels in more than 100 service stations across Estonia. In addition, the company has 40 convenience stores in Estonia, renewable energy production and storage projects already operating and under development with a volume of nearly 1,000 MW, as well as an onshore LNG terminal in Finland. The energy group employs 480 people.