After ten overnight reports of suspicious flying objects the lost drone still not found

  • 2020-05-05
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ten sightings of suspicious flying objects were reported last night but none of these cases proved to be the lost UAVFactory drone which remains unaccounted for since Sunday, Aivis Vincevs, the Civil Aviation Agency's (CAA) head of emergencies and communications, informed LETA. 

The possibility that the drone has already landed somewhere seems increasingly likely, the CAA representative said. 

However, since the drone has enough fuel to keep flying until 19:10 Tuesday, the search operation will continue until the evening, Vincevs said, adding that search teams remained on standby throughout last night, ready to go and intercept the unmanned aircraft if it was spotted still flying. 

A private plane is on standby on Tuesday in case the drone is found in Latvia's airspace and the armed forces are also ready to provide support to the search operation. Meanwhile, eight search teams on the ground are ready to intercept the drone in Riga and its area if the aircraft approaches the city. 

On Monday, the lost unmanned aircraft was searched around Sigulda, Bauska, Eleja and Riga. If it continues to remain in the air, the drone's fuel amount could be enough until Tuesday evening, and until that time the restrictions set in Latvian airspace will remain.

The drone was searched for by three civilian aircraft and one National Armed Forces (NAF) aircraft on Monday. Vincevs said that all reports from residents about drone sightings are being investigated, but visual contact has not been established yet. Residents have also not captured the drone in photos or videos.